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Nowadays, online sex is one way to maintain and diversify relationships. We discussed this topic with ladydirector_psy, a psychologist, sexologist, and relationship counselor. After all, it is essential and can help couples get closer, especially now.

Phone Sex

Tune in to the process, take care of quality communication, and make sure that nothing distracts you. You can turn on a video and put on hot outfits in advance. Starting the conversation with abstract topics is better, gradually leading to your fantasies. Remember your partner, pay attention to them, and say pleasant and gentle words of support. Change your tone and depth of voice, and play with your breath to keep the passion alive.

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P.S. When you wear the Arfa Lingerie Set during phone sex, your fantasies will pour out of you. It will definitely help you become more relaxed and open to new experiences.



Sexting was first mentioned in The Globe and Mail in 2004. It is a form of flirting that sometimes turns into a simulated sexual relationship in messages. Such communication maintains passion and trust despite the lack of physical contact with the partner.

For maximum relaxation, partners should create a comfortable environment for communication and ensure that this correspondence is not seen by others.

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P.S. Imagine having partial power over your partner while handcuffed and collared, putting on a tight leather mask from Pleasure Box 1, or having them do it all to you. Have a fantasy on this topic, and sexting can become a reality.



Intimate photos or videos (nudes or erotic) are a form of sexual flirting that keeps the passion between partners. Or it can be a form of lust for couples who are not yet in a relationship but like each other. Such content sharing should always be based on mutual consent and respect for each other's boundaries.

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P.S. Try on a seductive Extra bodysuit, take a photo, and send it to your partner. Viewing such content's degree of desire will be close to a burning volcano.

Role-playing Games

It is an activity in which partners take on specific roles and act out scenarios based on their sexual fantasies. Any change in the usual behavior of partners during sex can already be considered a game. So this includes experiments with more aggressive behavior and even dirty talk.

Here, you must be extremely careful and attentive to each other when making your requests, as they can significantly hurt your partner. Safe are abstract characters or situations that a person can play the role of while remaining themselves.

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Sex Toys

Thanks to technology, a wide range of adult toys can be controlled remotely via an app. The app creates the effect of "presence" even when you are not around. All you need to do is press the right buttons.

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P.S. The Osha Leather Set will add spice to this type of interaction and will not interfere with the toy's touch in intimate areas.

 Don't forget about the mental connection, which also enhances and improves the sexual one. To do this, communicate regularly but take little control. Spend your free time on yourself: develop yourself, go for sports or hobbies, meet friends. Share your thoughts, feelings, outlook on life, and make plans for your future together.


Written by Gamal Yevheniia

Psychotherapist, sexologist, member of the International Association of Projective Methods,consultant at a rehabilitation center.
Author of projective and trance techniques.

In her work, she uses the method of integral therapy and a highly personalized approach.

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